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Rich Kidd - Boiling Point Lyrics and Video



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'Boiling Point' Lyrics - Rich Kidd
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Here is Boiling Point Lyrics by Rich Kidd @

Boiling point set a high border water
me and the snitches don’t mix like boiling water
nigga it’s big riches tight the baby oil daughter
fake beef let this..last niggas is slaughter
..you is like for..bitch is on myself
and it ain’t hard to tel we sell spend money read it up
we so the bigger plan so my people eat enough
I’m a blunt to talk a .. nature ..
your hoe in the club
f*ck your ..in the sofa..I need to be chain
f*ck is you with the hammer make the ..with his brain
want it ..I’m spinnin the shit
politicians they wanna prove
still my heart to the block how could I lose
guy young is telling me I’m true
any ..probably invaded and ..tight you up
in your room
my man..told me nigga keep doing it thing
I never wanted she you and the bing
f*ck you..recession on my life ain’t nothing new
no pop f*ck em ..never needed you
swan I feel ragin seeing you picks cuffin at the station
huh another sick patient I’m sleep ..
evasive ..didn’t escape the hard three cop three case
evasion possessing never weapon in the bases
for you should that body races
I take em to the pour house
my lawyer artist nothing I make nothing on the side
but don’t wash though but you’re thinking that you’re cold
but you’re not that dope
half quarter int he ..
when I was younger
I like rap but I’m black like a mother f*cker
f*ck that dough I ain’t even slap it a ..
hustle and flow and more time fagging and..
for ask for dough, for ask like a ..
you gotta hook up with the ask no more

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Rich Kidd - Boiling Point

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