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Jetpack Jones - Let Me Chill Lyrics and Video



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'Let Me Chill' Lyrics - Jetpack Jones
Here is Let Me Chill Lyrics by Jetpack Jones

We don’t want to wait enough dog
I’ll me lying in my ..just to get a decent way
Cuz now in our days, in our way enough to say
A friend working twelve hours like a fucking slave
Just to pussy have some on the table and have a place to say
Low glasse, no glasse just plastic cuz
Buzzin on the buget, getting paper I will make it up
As we go let it flow, like I’m Robie Rob
Wactch the ..fuck the system that we living
Man to keep us down
Keep your head on the groudn and you can keep it now
This doggi dog and we can leave the pow
To a bettre day, high on the ground
Notice full of raps and my phone no get fly high
No get’s, left fly ...no dips stay high
No, no tricks that bitch gonna flick cuz I ain’t took her on the nice trips
I ain’t even count how the ...get chill
They think I an’t get rich but I know I will
So I ain’t never worry I feel
Like a millions fucking dollars
Got the brain in his ...
Got a million fucking ..
Don’t stop til I’m the winner
Win a million fucking dollars
Cuz I’m dope and being honest
I’ve been honest but theysay I’m too lay back
So now I lay whe you’re girlfriund lay back
All up in that hair ..
Gotta fuck a hair blonde
Smoking on his home bro
Give her twenty all day like the red zone
Now she’s all actinc all suspicions when you get home
Let me chill, let me chill

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Jetpack Jones - Let Me Chill

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