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Juelz Santana - Back To The Crib Lyrics and Video

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Juelz Santana - Back To The Crib Mp3 and Ringtone Download - Info from Wikipedia
Artist: Juelz Santana
Album: -
Song Title: Back To The Crib
Songwriters: N/A

Juelz Santana - Back To The Crib Lyrics and Video

[Juelz Santana]
Chris Breezy,
POLO Da Don,

[Chris Brown]
Shorty said she really feeling me like yeah
(yeah, oh yeah, yeah)
Shorty said she wanna roll with me
i said yeah (yeah, oh yeah, yeah)
she don’t know that we going back to the crib,
she know that I’m on her,
she don’t know that we going back to the crib,
back to the crib, yeah,

[Juelz Santana]
she wanna roll with me
she wanna go with with me,
but she dont know Im tryin to take her back home with me,
i told her have a seat in my ride,
she said that I look like i taste good
and she wanna eat me alive,
she lookin good in her new tar heels,
im looking at her like a four course meal,
chill, i got all the girls checkin me,
they know ima dog but they love my pedigree,
yeah just call me mr orgasm,
and if you come with me i guarantee your gon have one,
hottest in the hood, freshest on the block,
why stop on this gucci and this louie that i rock,
if not, i stay polo down to the socks,
range, chain and the watch worth more than fort knox,
temporary place on the ari r8,
diamonds match what im wearing,
she can’t stop staring.


[Juelz Santana]
Owww, runway walk, beauty Queen face,
video body see the curves in her shape,
and everything her momma gave her she know how to shake,
thicker than a milkshake and Im tryna get a taste,
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her hair did, manicure, pedicure, attitude like Vivica
but she play the …. she feeling my swag,
she feelin my G
not only is she dancing she feeling on me,
and im feeling you too,
so I put my hands on her just to let her know the feelings mutual,
lil mama we can birthday text,
yes I said text, but I know you know what i really meant,
tell me what you will do, tell me what you wont do,
tell me what you dont know how to do so I can show you,
imma give it to you, give it to you like I owe you,
and after Im done Imma tell you i told you,


[Chris Brown]
You should know me,
I can see myself in your future,
thats hood, OG,
i’ve made up my mind, im choosing ya,
dont say you wont try to leave me,
im feeling yeaaaah,
girl meet me at the valet,
Lamborghini Breezy,
Imma transform you, name you Mrs Breezy,
stunt so hard but i make it look easy,
do it like we do it like we doing it for TV,


Juelz Santana - Back To The Crib Video

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