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Drake Ft. Young Jeezy - Unforgettable Lyrics and Video

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Unforgettable Lyrics : Drake
"Unforgettable" is a song recorded by dope Canadian rapper, Drake featuring Young Jeezy off Drake's debut studio album entitled "Thank Me Later" expected for released on June 15, 2010 on Young Money under a joint venture with Cash Money and distribution by Universal Motown.
Here we present Drake - Unforgettable video collected from youtube website. Unforgettable lyrics sung by Drake now available under the music video.

Drake Ft. Young Jeezy - Unforgettable Video

Drake Ft. Young Jeezy - Unforgettable Lyrics and Video

This is really one of my dumbest flows ever
I havn’t slept in days
and me and my latest girls agreed to go our seperate ways
So i’m single..
Thinking about what we had and missing you
but I aint sad, nah I got something for these bad b-tches too
I mean paprazzi on(?) trying not to get caught out
They always seem to catch me with the woman that I brought out
Baby don’t hold on too long cause that’s how them stories start ?
(?) eat your muthaf-ckin heart out, its drizzy
Always gone but never hard to find
and since you can’t escape me do I ever cross your mind
Because all this sh-t is new to me, i’m learning to behave
I’m still spending every dollar they encouraged me to save
But I’m good
I know that n-ggas would kill for this lifestyle
I’m looking forward to the memories of right now
Never forgettin from where I came
and no matter where I’m headed
I promise to stay the same .

[Young Jeezy]
I’m just riding round the city with my hood on and my windows down
ask your girl I’m the realest n-gga she been around
I pull up in something new and park it by the haters
and when you get to talking bout the greatest…

I just hope you
look back at me
I just hope you
look back at me

[Young Jeezy]
This just might be my realest flow ever
when I say for life you say forever
its hard (?) I told that girl life hurts
the closest your gon get to this is a park t-shirt(?)
the names young baby you know I lead that thug life
the good die young so I’m gon need that Thug Life
yeah, I’m talking his and her firearms
Now my insides looking like a snickers bar
I’m talking continental leathers


Drake Ft. Young Jeezy - Unforgettable

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