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Nicki Minaj Ft. Will.I.Am - Check It Out Lyrics and Video

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Check It Out : Nicki Minaj

Listen to this new leak from Nicki Minaj entitled "Check It Out". The Will.i.am-assisted track is said to be featured on Young Money HD's Limelight Mixtape which will be released online on September 1st. The radio-friendly production samples The Buggles classic "Video Killed the Radio Star". Also, the intro soooo Usher's "OMG". Will.i.am also produced that song so this is not a random coincidence. On the matter, Nicki Minaj tweeted the following today: "That's clearly the wrong version. Official release coming soon. Thanks". From this statement we can deduce two things. 1 - The track still has room for improvement. It sounds nice, super auto-tuned though, but catchy. Nicki kills it once again in the verses. And 2 - the whole "official release coming soon" thing makes me think Nicki actually plans to include this track on her debut album "Pink Friday" (November 23rd) and possibly release it as a single? You be the judge! You like? (Source: directlyrics.com)

Nicki Minaj Ft. Will.I.Am - Check It Out Video

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Nicki Minaj Ft. Will.I.Am - Check It Out Lyrics and Video

Step up in the party like my name was Mr. T
all these hating magazines got nathing on me
honestly I can stay as fly as I can be
if you really you get super OG
hunny’s always resting cause I’m fly fly fly
dumbones always testing cause I’m floating sky high
I stay n-ggerrific you don’t needa ask why

[Chorus - Will.I.am]
I cant believe it
its so amazing
this club is heating
this party’s blazin’
I can’t believe it this beat it bangin
I can’t believe it
(I can’t believe it, hey)
Hey check it out
check it out (x10)
yeah yeah I’m feeling it now
check it out (x3)


[Nicki Minaj]
Step up in the party like my name was that b-tch
all these haters mad because I’m so established
they know I’m a beast yeah Im a f-cking fab b-tch
haters you can kill yourself
in my space shuttle and I’m not coming down
I’m stereo and she’s just so monotone
sometimes it just me and all my bottles all alone
I ain’t coming back this time


Check this muthaf-cker out
it got me in the club in the club just rocking like this

[Nicki Minaj]
Da done done
the sun done
yep the sun done
came up but we still up in dungeon
Da done done
yep in London
the competition why yet so we love some
how the f-ck they getting mad cause they run done
mad cause I’m getting money in abundance
man I can’t even handle these hundroids
duffle bag every time i go to (?)
I leave the rest just to collect interest
I mean interest
f-ck my nemesis
exclaimation just for emphasis
and I don’t symphasise cause you a simple b-tch
I just pop up on these hoes on some pimple sh-t
and put an iron to your face y’all wrinkled b-tch

Oh, we just had to kill it
we on the radio hotter than a skillet
we in the club making party people holla
money in the bank means we getting top dollar
I’m a big baller you a little smaller
step up to my level you need to grow a little taller
I’ma shot caller
get up off my collar
you are chiuaua I’ma rottwieler


Nicki Minaj Ft. Will.I.Am - Check It Out

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