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Usher - What She Wants Lyrics and Video



What She Wants : Usher
Brand new R&B song from Usher recently surfaced on the internet. The song may be long enough but this is just a snippet produced by JLack.

Usher - What She Wants Video

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Usher - What She Wants Lyrics and Video

These Usher - What She Wants Lyrics recently released long snippet after this. What She Wants video recorded by Usher is located above.

She said she is looking for love
She said...
This is what she wants
She wants to find me ...
She even wants me...
She said she said the move for love
Watch out that girl is trouble
they aint got noting on her
what she got is from her mother
and also her father
you all know who it is
bring your girlfriend
Pay for
She said...

As you notice, we don't have the full precise lyrics for this song. But if you happen to have some parts or maybe the full lyrics, please put it on the comment below or submit "What She Wants" lyrics directly.

Song Information
Title: What She Wants
Artist: Usher
Album: N/A
Genre: RnB
Producer: JLack
Label: N/A
Released: August 9, 2010

Usher - What She Wants

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