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Melody Thornton - Love Gun Lyrics and Video



Love Gun : Melody Thornton

Former PCD member Melody Thornton has been recording in the studio all this M.I.A time her debut solo album. Fortunaly for Melody fans, it seems the release of that CD is not that far away anymore. Listen above to the recently leaked track that has been reported to be Melody's first single entitled "Love Gun". I actually believe the rumours saying this is her official debut solo single as Ms Thornton released on Thursday via her official website a Wild West-inspired photoshoot of her in a "cowgirl" outfit holding a GUN. So it all fits! As for "Love Gun", I did not like it in the first listens, but over time it gets to you (just nod along and snap yo' fingers). In any case, I do think Melody SCREAMS way too much, but perhaps that was intentional. "Love Gun" sounds like one of those old songs from the 60's that has been given a modern sexy twist. So overall, it's not bad but I'm not too conviced this is the best choice to be her first single. (Source: .directlyrics.com)

Melody Thornton - Love Gun Video

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Melody Thornton - Love Gun Lyrics and Video

As you notice, we don't have the full precise Melody Thornton - Love Gun Lyrics. But if you happen to have some parts or maybe the full lyrics, please put it on the comment below or submit the lyrics directly.

Melody Thornton - Love Gun

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