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Take Charge - Involuntary Emancipation Lyrics and Video



Involuntary Emancipation : Take Charge

Take Charge - Involuntary Emancipation Video

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Take Charge - Involuntary Emancipation Lyrics and Video

This is my home now, I'm taking over. These are now my walls, my children. What once was your's and what you thought you deserved is now being stripped away by me.

They are finally free from your disease, you cannot infect humanity, you won't affect their sanity, they are finally free.

To hell with you.

You promised nothing but the best for them. But you became nothing but an outsider.

You had your chances, you blew it every time; giving up on what you once called life.

I am taking this into my own hands and freeing them from your alcohol enslavement.


Are you awake, or are you just breathing?

Take Charge - Involuntary Emancipation

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