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Chris Brown - Between The Lines Lyrics and Video



Between The Lines : Chris Brown

Chris Brown has recently premiered a new track entitled "Between The Lines" - The midtempo R&B tune features Kevin McCall who as may remember also sang with Brown in the latter's hit "Deuces" (#14 US) - The new collabo is nothing ground-breaking nor is at the level of "Deuces" but it's still a nice effort. I liked the melody too. I wonder if we should take this as an indicator of a possible new Chris Brown mixtape? I remember Chris hinted this idea a couple months ago by saying he "might do something special" for the fans in a near future...but in the end eveyrthing seemed in stand by. "Between The Lines" kinda gives new hope to this project tho which I'm sure many Chris Brown fans are awaiting. It'd be a clever marketing move too before releasing next year his new album "F.A.M.E", IMO. If Chris goes through with the new mixtape, it'd be his third one. After his Valentine's Day mixtape, "In My Zone", and the joint collection with rapper Tyga titled "Fan of a Fan" that was released online in May. Things are looking interesting on Chris' horizon. (Source: directlyrics.com)

Chris Brown - Between The Lines Video

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Chris Brown - Between The Lines Lyrics and Video

Was it something I said
Was it something I did (oh)
Looking for an answer
Cause I don't even know
Why you're so upset with me
Girl what is this about
Them other shawtys
I don't care about

Baby sit down
Only when we sexing is when
I want to hear you yelling out loud
Calm Down
Break down
Every little word
she said this, he said that
don't believe none of the lies
Please stand down when i'm ....
Wish i could start a brand new chapter
And ... everything we felt
i already know that story unclose
All i wanna do is love u aah
Take my time
Read between the lines
Read between the lines


Here we go again
Heard it all before
it's getting us nowhere
So, lets we .....
and figure out where we are
ooh girl
let do what ....


Chris Brown - Between The Lines

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