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Frankie J - Dream Girl Lyrics and Video (Ft. Pitbull)

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Dream Girl : Frankie J

Frankie J - Dream Girl (Ft. Pitbull) Video

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Frankie J - Dream Girl (Ft. Pitbull) Lyrics and Video

Oh girl it’s crazy what you’re doing to me
Can’t get you out my and all in my dreams
I can’t help it I don’t really want to
I’m so far gone, I’m addicted to you

All the lights in the move
I’m spinning around, three shots … and I’m feeling in now
Baby where are you now? Uh, you know that you’re my dream girl
I wanna be wherever you are, how did I let you get away?
You’re my dream girl, you put … steel in my heart
It’s written all over my bed, you’re my dream girl
I’m not very far, baby can we meet in the middle?
You’re my dream girl, I’m not very far
Twitter say that I’m more than this segnor

Girl the way your body talks
Every time your body walks
Sexy from there to toe
On the one way girl you’re still the show
… with the Gucci personality
Gotta get my mind right cause girl you got the best of me
All the rights in the room are spinning around, three shots … and I’m feeling in now

Frankie J - Dream Girl

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