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2 Pac - I Need You Lyrics and Video (Ft. RL Of Next)



I Need You : 2 Pac

2 Pac - I Need You (Ft. RL Of Next) Video

On This I Need You Lyrics by 2 Pac Ft. RL Of Next @

2 Pac - I Need You (Ft. RL Of Next) Lyrics and Video

God gave me this voice in the first place.

..some for us ..people start to make some ..,
Let’s change the way we eat,
Let’s change things the way we live,
Let’s change the way we treat you,
You see the all way wasn’t working,
We got children to survive.

Nothing more conscious person at all,
There’s was something going on my backyard in my ..,
So I had to kill him off.
Now I love God, but God ain’t push
So how can you start ..a button when you push
…and guns,
On my hood feel with the God in sons.
..divine it, I got prices .. and of free,
You don’t seem like it,
Somebody feel like I do so … folks than American Idol.

…from the day you come,
…a place to find …,
I probably be a ..my stomach hurts and …,
I wonder what it taste the …
I see no changes.

2 Pac - I Need You

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