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Letoya Luckett - Lethal Lyrics and Video



Lethal : Letoya Luckett

Listen to this brand new Letoya Luckett track entitled "Lethal" which just leaked on the Net - The Timbaland and Teddy Bishop-produced record is rumored to appear on Letoya's upcoming studio album - the third of her career as a solo artist -that is expected to hit stores at some point in 2011. "Lethal" is fiiiire! I'm loving it! Plus it sounds like it's not fully mastered yet so there's even room for improvement. I definitely like what I'm hearing. Seems like Letoya has decided to introduce electronic music to her R&B niche. This fusion is simply hot. Letoya's vocals and adlibs in "Lethal" are fantastic, besides the track's production is great as well. Props to Timbo for that. BTW, it does sound to me too like Letoya's going to become in her upcoming new era the R&B-infused counterpart of Natalia Kills. Loving the fact Letoya's open to changes. (Source: directlyrics.com)

Letoya Luckett - Lethal Video

On This Lethal Lyrics by Letoya Luckett @

Letoya Luckett - Lethal Lyrics and Video

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Letoya Luckett - Lethal

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