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Resist The Thought - Resurrect The Reaper Lyrics and Video (Ft. CJ Mcmahon)

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Resurrect The Reaper : Resist The Thought

Resist The Thought RTT Resurrect The Reaper Ft. Feat. Featuring Chris CJ Mcmahon Thy Art Is Murder TAIM New Song 2011.
Brand new song featuring: Chris "CJ" Mcmahon of Thy Art Is Murder.

Resist The Thought - Resurrect The Reaper Video (Ft. CJ Mcmahon)

Here is Resurrect The Reaper Lyrics by Resist The Thought Ft. CJ Mcmahon @

Resist The Thought - Resurrect The Reaper Lyrics and Video (Ft. CJ Mcmahon)

Forever I walk this darkened, wretched path, to create my
own false reality,
Consider me gone, banished from society
no more than four years ago, and i regret nothing.

they are the brainwashed succumbed to be self loathing
slaves, they're ignorant to ideals
I speak of, I teach
of, I preach of, I live by, an eternity of torment could
never entice me to trade.

The years I've forsaken
them, a miserable, inhuman race
I refuse to be like one of
them, like one of you, the comatose, the mass produced, the
lost souls marching in unison to their graves.

Fuck the
idea of fate, its pathetic,
Ill create my own destiny, Ill
never stop until I achieve global domination.

A lost

Resurrect the reaper, clear these fucking
clones, bare witness to the bloodshed brewing in my bones,
I'll mutilate machines, slit their fucking throats,
society is doomed
Eradicate entity, send them all to hell,
feel the fucking force that you have let prevail, I am now
your prophet, i am now your god

I will ensure the
downfall of the world,
Speak these words unspoken, Such an
ugly reality, this existence is false
I hold the key to

To reality, a lost creation
This false
existence crushing down on me

I hold the key to
I speak these words, unspoken
A lost creation,
ensuring the downfall of the world.

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Resist The Thought - Resurrect The Reaper

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