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"Last Man Standing" Lyrics - Asher Roth (Ft. Akon)

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Asher Roth - Last Man Standing Lyrics and Video (Ft. Akon)

Here is Last Man Standing Lyrics by Asher Roth Ft. Akon@

(Feat Akon)

(Asher Roth:)
Oh, oh, oh, hey!
Oh, oh, oh, yeah!
Akon and Asher Roth!

They say they want that hush, say no more,
I could walk around the block, couldn’t take no more!
Like a scraper from the rock, couldn’t wait no more,
Show ‘em… and the sword,
So I’m sleeping with the whores while I file for divorce,
Playing it simple and short, when it rains, man, it pours.
Stepping in.. second sipping in…
Quickest leopard gets divorced, secret weapons win the war,
I guessed but I’m pretty sure, that I’m destined to endure.

Flesh into the core … war inside… of out of space,
What’s behind the door ..of something strange?
Of course, this is why I came, the forces are untamed,

I’m falling, all rise with the pious stealing my eyes,
My skull is in my.. you know I will survive!
The strength that I find when I get down deep inside,
Got me still in this fight, and I’ll be the last man standing!
Oh, oh, oh, hey!
Oh, oh, oh, yeah!

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Asher Roth - Last Man Standing

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