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"I Deserve Better" Lyrics - Claude



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Claude - I Deserve Better Lyrics and Video
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Here is I Deserve Better Lyrics by Claude @

if only waited here me better know if ..
he’s like no react no treating me like a lady
i do ask for much but seems like is such a problem
but if they work together show someone .. solve them
...to know, i’m just try to save
the best way i know is ...
the ..and make me leave i just want you to see

i deserve better, i know i deserve better than you
better, is true, is true i deserve better than you
better, i know i deserve better than you
so much better than you

this scene conversation just goes in a circle
i try to say it nice but’s first time so i wouldn’t hurt you
..selfish you think about yourself
you don’t give about my feelings ..else
the .. tryin to say it ..don’t know how
..the sun is .. i’ll be .. and make leave
ii just want you to see.

[2 x chorus:]

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Claude - I Deserve Better

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