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"Anthemic" Lyrics - Magnetic Man (Ft. P. Money)

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Magnetic Man - Anthemic Lyrics and Video (Ft. P. Money)
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Here is Anthemic Lyrics by Magnetic Man Ft. P. Money @

Never I go away
It’s the Anthemic
I go for the music
It’s the fall I do
Never go again I do
Keep decision and I save to stay
I do Anthemic (the Anthemic)
It’s the work (Anthemic)
All the Anthemics, it’s the work
A Anthemic feel (Anthemic)
It’s a new Anthemic (The Anthemic)
All the Anthemics, it’s the work
I’m another on the Anthemic
I don’t ever look again
To beautiful Anthemic I do
Told it to save it today
It’s the thrills nowhere go
Keep decision and I save to stay
[Chorus x3]

Song Information
Released: 24 July 2011
Recorded: 2010-2011
Genre: Dubstep
Length: 3:49
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Writers: Oliver Jones, Benga Adejumo
Producer: Magnetic Man

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Magnetic Man - Anthemic

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