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Slim The Mobster - Take It Easy Lyrics and Video



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'Take It Easy' Lyrics - Slim The Mobster
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Here is Take It Easy Lyrics by Slim The Mobster @

can i get your attention
can we talk for a minute
popping and ..
i could show you the city
we could cruise the .. of my ..
get you drunk off
let me take you to my hotel room
where we can have a private party for two just me and you
when we do walk around in our robs
and high shoes .. massages
the story garages that's on an yacht
are you taking all these
.. vacation and we are taking it
take it easy i open up
makes sense cause .. i 've got more money
than time .. so you know i got a lot of my mind
and when you are sleeping
i am thinking how to get richer
most of these niggers they never figure
to make their accounts get bigger
mistakes .. got tired of .. bottles
my own liquor up

take it easy
take it easy
take it easy
take it easy

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Slim The Mobster - Take It Easy

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