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Frank Ocean - 4 Tears Lyrics and Video



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'4 Tears' Lyrics - Frank Ocean
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Here is 4 Tears Lyrics by Frank Ocean @

I don’t cry cause I’m strong
I don’t cry cause nothing lasts forever
I don’t cry cause the kids are grown
I don’t cry at all
I don’t cry cause them days are gone
Oooh child, child
And when the sun sets just right oh I might
Shed a tear
And when the good word hits home I shed a tear
I shed two tears

I won’t cry in the car
I wont cry in the bathroom stall
I wont cry when I’m home alone
I wont cry at all
I wont cry cause them days are gone
Ohhh, child, oooo ooh baby don’t
But when them stars shine too beautiful at night
I shed two tears
And when the good word hits home I shed two more tears
Now thats four tears
Got enough. No more tears
You’ve had enough
Thats four tears

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Frank Ocean - 4 Tears

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