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SOL - Stakes Still High Lyrics and Video



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'Stakes Still High' Lyrics - SOL
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Here is Stakes Still High Lyrics by SOL @

Sun fall
Same place yet I made it so far
Same name but I changed through the art
And my own brain going through a third world war
The money that I make goes straight to my pocket
Back to the music so the artist still starving
You’re truly the reason that yours truly
Was the album that I made and not popcorn for profit
Hand high
Reach for the sky
Back spoken for living our computer jail lives
You can share what you want
All allowed
But is the life to live?
When you walk outside
I heard through the great fine
Don’t wait on a sound before you change your mind
88 street dogs racing bad

No liar, the stakes is high
Yea the stakes is high
Yea, yo the stakes is high
Uh, yea the stakes still high
The stakes still high
Yea, the stakes still high
Said the stakes still high
The stakes still high
Yea, the stakes still high

These days cats will die for anything
Preteen rats going gas cap on anything
If you seen outside the box
You’re not industry
Everybody’s out of tune
Tattooed, skinny jeans
This is not a hate song
It’s a love song
This is not a rap song
It’s a pop song
Straight to your drawer
Leave you on the floor
Waiting for the count
With you head phones on
Too confusing
To try to fit new music into rap
Too many influences
And illusions to the past
And you won’t even catch
Even half James Baldwin
Down to the mountain top and back
Back’s packed
Off the map
Twenty stacks
You ever get off of that?
Good god
Gats get off of that
Back to bring it around the world
Had to send bob and back
International swag
Make up a dance for that
Get your hands out your pants and rap
This is different
It’s time stamped
Realest shit that ever while
They lie
Cause the stakes is forever high
They forever high

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SOL - Stakes Still High

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