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360 - What Goes Up Lyrics and Video



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'What Goes Up' Lyrics - 360
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Here is What Goes Up Lyrics by 360 @

What goes up, what goes up
Must come down, must come down
You got next, you got next
We got now, we got now
You can’t swim, you can’t swim
You gonna drown, you gonna drown
Get in the way, get it in the way
You hear the sound, you hear the sound
Get ready for a time ’cause is changing
We ain’t never hurting you keep bangin
If it ain’t about money than language
Tell your fam make the funeral arrangement

You was up but now you’re down
I was long but now i’m found
You feel on i got your crown
Now i’m pitchin on your mouth
Like i’m pitchin on the ground
New York city house and bound
Took the transition of my actual living into sound
I have..use the..in my face
Play the cameras in my face
Haters camera in knocking drinks
Interviews i hesitate
Nigga right took a break
Racks on racks i got the straight
Now a nigga can relate touch and fate
F*ck the snakes all i like em from my place
From my shoes i play my dues
Only play i play rule
I will not have repeat
I will not lose
Control ..as we smooth for the finest women
Got some private nigga
I repeat nigag this is life
See i vow to make it happen
Now was bound to make it happen
‘Cause my bound it was so classy
Yeah my CV drop is gonna be ..
Rap on rap on plastic with your CV drop
You gonna get drop and that’s it


I’m turning over a new leaf
Stack a paper like Luce lief
On top like a coofie
Or young ..or lose me
This..life now movies
Your shot fr acting liek Bruce Lee
Came along away from ..
This came ain’t do to me
Differences i ride now
I use to .. Uncles introduce me
To the dope game i’m Gucci
Low ..they duce me
Now they all ym groupies
Don’t be scared just..one kid
Live in fear ..serving niggas here
Three 6.lower class get over..
Just watch em dissapear it aint’ hard to be different
When really you’re just looking with
Just started and already getting boring
By the time you get to the .. I’m already be sleeping..
.. On the floor and getting candle ’cause we’re mornign our career
And it’s depth we got now f*ck who got next hey


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360 - What Goes Up

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