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Bradd Young - Lay U Down Lyrics and Video



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'Lay U Down' Lyrics - Bradd Young
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Here is Lay U Down Lyrics by Bradd Young @

Hey wassup baby?
I got some hot for you
You know that nigga Bradd Young you said you want him
I got him with me right now
You was head over heels for him
You owe me 200 for this one
Warrup girl, baby girl, this me, this your boy Bradd Young
It’s not him, sing a song from Moscato music
Ok, are you ready for this?
Hello, this ain’t Bradd
Bitch I got antibodies in my system you know I’ve been sick for 3 weeks
Bitch I may not be Bradd Young but I bet I go deep like Steve Young.

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Bradd Young - Lay U Down

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