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Cassie - Money On Love Lyrics and Video



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'Money On Love' Lyrics - Cassie
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Here is Money On Love Lyrics by Cassie @

your lipstick stains
smells like a cheap hotel
diamond watches and a gold chain
can't make my frown turn around

the boys always spending all their money on love
the boys always spending all their money on love

they wanna touch it
taste it, see it, feel it
bone it, own it, yeah yeah...
diamonds are a paper chaser
get that money, yeah yeah...

you get high crock a whole bunch of girls
and then cry on top of the world
i hope you have the time of your life
i hope i don't lose it tonight

your bossed stuck swag
got 'em drooling like a new born bag...

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Cassie - Money On Love

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