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J-Hood - Let It Go Lyrics and Video



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'Let It Go' Lyrics - J-Hood
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Here is Let It Go Lyrics by J-Hood @

A planet B you better keep one
Niggas think it's sweet one
To fold under pressure the very second them peeps come
Nigga's a bunch of old bitches like
I don't believe none of your rhymes, fam they all lies
Ain't gotta show the fanished product,
That is handicap, cause they know every...
I get it shaking like a nigga that's shivering
Slugs penetrate you, you instantly start hemorrhaging
Plan very... like your foot's in the phone
And the same bitches some of these rappers got in they homes
...Cooler than a motherfucker, but the flow hot
That nigga sweating like wearing ... with no socks
Denzel voice, I got that blue dream
Get out of line, it's gonna be uglier that... now that's ugly
Shit well, feces, I'm not a human, I'm a whole different species
Speeding in my new whip, but I'm on my old shit
I'm a web shark, these niggas gold fish
Popping artillery that will pop make and make the fool split
Never purchase... I need to whole shit
Hold the ... save yourself the embarrassment
You want ... dude you better cherish it
Squeezing like detergent, niggas dropping like ...
If the police question neighbors, they gonna say they ain't heard shit
Fresher than a new born, premature shoes on
that won't drop until the little kids put they ... on
Never seen these, back to back Jeez
Only stunner I swam you, leave you food for the fleas
Come inside the diggy, and a muzzy know you ziggy
... second I get off the titty
... I'm mob goodie, I'm all about my green, c ya nigga.

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J-Hood - Let It Go

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