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J.R. Castillo - Any Given Sunday Lyrics and Video



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'Any Given Sunday' Lyrics - J.R. Castillo
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Here is Any Given Sunday Lyrics by J.R. Castillo @

[1] Pre-Season practice
In the August heat
Feel the burnin' rubber off
The cleats on my feet
Got my helmet on
(My) Shoulder pads
‘Til the whistle blows
Give it all that I have

Got AC/DC blaring “Back In Black”
I feel “Thunderstruck”
Yeah, I'm glad to be back
Gonna crack some skulls
Head's gonna roll
Superbowl's waiting
Right down the road (yeah)

[L1] Coach warns “Don't take one play for granted.
“Leave it all on the field, Son!
‘Til we're the last team standin'.”

[Chorus] ‘Cause on Any Given Sunday
Dreams will end and others live on
Any Given Sunday
When the whistle blows, the
gloves will come off
On Any Given Sunday
We're kicking tail and taking names
It's a knock down, drag out
Under the bright lights
More than just a game
On Any Given Sunday
Any Given Sunday

[2] Cruised through the season
Hard work's paid off
Banged up and bruised
But we're still playing ball
Play-offs are here
Time for the show
No room to slack
It's win or go home

Been dreamin' ‘bout this
Since we were kids
For one moment in time
Now here it is
Game plan is set
Time to shine
Prepared for this
All of our lives

[L2] Coach warns “Don't take one game for granted.
“'Cause once these days are gone, Son
“You'll wish that you still had them”

(Repeat Chorus)

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J.R. Castillo - Any Given Sunday

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