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Action Bronson - Hookers At The Point Lyrics and Video (Ft. Party Supplies)

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'Hookers At The Point' Lyrics - Action Bronson (Ft. Party Supplies)
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Here is Hookers At The Point Lyrics by Action Bronson Ft. Party Supplies @

Yeah, Cindy she’s not herself unless she’s smoking crack
Seven times she got stabbed in the back by your…
She dealt with many times before
That’s what she gets for being a…
She walked the streets… mini skirt
With the… damn, I know what Kitty heard
Ten hours shift, she’s thinking about retiring
I I I think she lying man!
She suck a Jewish lawyer …
And ain’t about the money, trying to get back to my daddy
Plus I seen her trying to smoke crack in the alley…
..that’s the point
Bitch, get my mother fucking drink, bitch!
…don’t put it in the right glass and… please
You fucking stupid bitch!
Treat you like garbage, bitch!
Bitch, come here
Put your breasts on my pinky ring, bitch
Get my mother second drink, bitch!

As I ride….
So I can see my bitches in the… business
Best believe I’m drinking…
How you think I got the… on me
Trying to get this Puff Daddy money
…but all my bitches call me…
Three shades of green…
Hey, bitches look like they’re…
Bitch, get my money before I kill ya
You know the life you chose, and now you wanna be a mother
The kid would be retarded, you can add him to his brother
Do the world a favor…
…my nails are… you see me shining
Now get the fuck off my car and save a joint
We’re getting… that’s the point, bitch!

I’mma get me some pussy!
…slowly approaching and…
Pussy so flurry, twenty four…
Ten for a BJ, but free for a free base
Before she approaches, I wanna peak at the turkey
Make sure that is … so it won’t turn my dick to turkey
Open the door, now she sat down, she took a…
She caught rush, and make the hooker ground
Let’s talk about me, I’m always on the road
Got a little dick, many of the secrets I behold
… name is… born in the Bronx, Puerto Rican
Drive a trunk…
…now I’m on a mission
..naked, shooting dope up in the kitchen
Falling asleep right on the …
..I’m still a heater, yeah!

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Action Bronson - Hookers At The Point

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