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B James - Heavy In The Game Lyrics and Video (Ft. Scarface)

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'Heavy In The Game' Lyrics - B James (Ft. Scarface)
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Here is Heavy In The Game Lyrics by B James Ft. Scarface @

I made a promise if I ever got the chance
to come about the hood one in any circumstance
I next it with the quickness never get back int he busines
in best stop the ..I was young and had decision
it ain't no question I made some bad decisions
well mine but still I took blame
I hurt I didn't listen
got homies out the prison doing time my hide is f*cked up
but I refuse so many streets 'cause I'm a hustler
I got a family I be so if I cold rock
they're looking at ..damn you hear a bot..
that turn the nigga into a stone hoe killer
if you see me I gotta grind more my nigga duck
just say no arm no winner mom please billies
got they sure I watch it
they try to touch ..
the only life that I've ever know
touching bank fole probably never leave

'cause I'm an independent gangsta that's heavy in the game
a triple low G but I swear never change
tryin to..and homie I'ma stay
I best up in the ghetto but I made your way
but I made the way out
..hustler all upon that paper
pistol on my style middle finger to you haters
every say I wait I gotta make the salary
once you ..I gotta make salary

you don't understand the struggle you just see the results
every day I swear I find another reason to smoke
pouring liquor to my people that's day
every night I go to sleep I seem stealing my head
and now I thank God that he put me on the space ship
got homies doing years for some shit I gotta wait with
I could be in prison too steady sending letters
telling mama I'm going to change and get better
I remember young how I used to ..re -up
young nigga stand on the corner of the free lunch
...get the revise in the polo
my mind my new broke so I had to hustle for dolo
yeah I gotta make it the chance I gotta take it
even if time stare me down I gotta face it
so far from basic I'm tired to wait in patient
now see victory and so damn closer I'ma taste it


Look I'm a born hustler you connect my ..
new I can get this paper before you even have me
was raised in the ..I carred one surrenders
one time for my homie navy got the life senses
just I'm all about my business
black on the.. out the hood
I'm on my back so I ain't gotta front
call up in the society that killing all my..
dead and what we had as a majority
we try to make the livin and take about the prison
they tell em go to school try the best of my condition
but I ain't really listen when back to the streets
yeah it's a cold world so I strap with the heat
now I'm back on my feet and ..
I gotta speak in ..and can't talk to the police
you haters since is..I'm home you gotta eat
and I'm all about the presidence could never get a..


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B James - Heavy In The Game

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