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Flaming Lips & Bon Iver - Ashes In The Air Lyrics and Video

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'Ashes In The Air' Lyrics - Flaming Lips & Bon Iver
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Here is Ashes In The Air Lyrics by Flaming Lips & Bon Iver @

You and me
we’re both f*cked up
you’re f*cked up in the good way
and I’m f*cked up in the bad

You and me
We thought we were so smart
We thought we could outrun them
But they had robot dogs.

you and me
we’re both in the same hole
but you dream of ways of leaving
and I get used to the cold

you and me
we heard a sudden thud
but you ran in to save them
and I didn’t give a f*ck

you and me
our egos made from files
burning are out flosh off
till we’re skeletons ovelling withwires

you adn me
saw the light of the ship get crossed
but it was up above us
it left us where we was

you and me
have learned that love is true
if you ask me how I know it
I’ll never lie to you

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Flaming Lips - Ashes In The Air

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