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Ghostwridah - Daytona 500 (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'Daytona 500 (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Ghostwridah
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Here is Daytona 500 (Freestyle) Lyrics by Ghostwridah @

Turn the lights to the low

I look my hate in desire looking so clever
You say I am too hot to get rich go figure
No figures no conversations for .. niggers
A couple charges I .. without the go zippers
Young Michael jack every day I am getting brighter
Kill it in the will so is the only way I get inspired
I .. my destiny to blow up I am about to go up
Till these models .. up no never I am sticking to it like leather
Looking down and yelling get on my level, level on my session I am guessing I am hard to …
I got to sail dressing in my private will .. behind these bars I am going for a elbow
Christian Louis Vuitton too .. to wear a …blow fuck it we do it for celebration
.. that niggers hating we pop it like medication niggers feel it and I ain’t even in the zone
I am coming for you is time to even .. show I am fucking thirsty I am hungry and .. I gave up
A lot of games somebody should reimburse me run like I should beside the round five
Too .. punish what was live I got a ride for my niggers I stay scheming
I start .. fuck day dreaming my time line .. waiting for new crap
Blow the dazzle like a fruit snack you don’t respect …bitch I am hot

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Ghostwridah - Daytona 500 (Freestyle)

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