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Jamieson - Last Time I Saw You Lyrics and Video



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'Last Time I Saw You' Lyrics - Jamieson
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Here is Last Time I Saw You Lyrics by Jamieson @

The last time I saw you
I was getting’ in S Benz and I wasn’t really shit
The last time you saw me
I was right hand to get on this presidency
I’m a beast when I spit philosophies I sneeze, I freeze
I make you feel like minus three degrees
When I seize I squeeze, make a half of you to breathe in
Your lungs collapse then you were the wheeze
I speak the speech with ease
Nobody got these deeds
I ghost dudes for extortion of thieves
I’m diseased, another type of species
In a closer scene that’s sicker is an STD
You know how my do
You know I breach through each fruit
All you act rapper weak dudes is a preview
The day I get a weak review
The day I drop a double platinum album in Hebrew
Nah, not Jewish, I’m just one of the truest
One of the newest to do this
Music, this rap shit
Don’t overreact
I just show and improve what you think faces lack
I spit that perfection, I spit that with diction
I’m getting’ those platinum plaques like they said in the predictions
My 4 by 4′s run over your terrain
From UK to USA I’m the foreign exchange
Your rap raps are lame
I cock back and aim
I flow unique, you look at me like I’m strange
Don’t be ignorant, my success is imminent
Cuz I stay on the grind like a motherfuckin’ immigrant
You don’t move me, these labels choose me
Cuz my vest is packed with action in a Tarantino movie
I flip the script, we can go wheel to wheel
I’m a Hollywood smack, you’re just a low budget film

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Jamieson - Last Time I Saw You

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