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Jared Evan - It’s Over Lyrics and Video



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'It’s Over' Lyrics - Jared Evan
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Here is It’s Over Lyrics by Jared Evan @

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!
So tell me what’s a winner, I only learned from losing
What a fuck, nobody ever cared what I was doing
When I was sitting in my momma’s basement
Making music, trying to prove that I could be that new shit
School student, confused, got kicked out of class with a hundred times
And these other kids would abuse him
My focus was broke, and they told me I was hopeless
And all the teachers ask my parents what the fuck he’s smoking?
I’m broking in this maze, a men in the search…
Damn it… to Earth…
Not a man in the church, but …
He blessed me with the gift I hope … will emerge
From this calamity happening, it’s getting …
And actually, between my … was a fantasy first
Very murderous, I …
Cancer it after the music, and the magic it works
I’m in the scope, and that’s what…
but ever since I moved on, I found a new song
…and I put my blues on.
So call me Bee Bee… the next cat to the mike
I might fracture a mike.
Like lighting a strike, I ain’t faking
Fuck ancient, this is history in the making, making, making, making

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Jared Evan - It’s Over

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