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Mac Miller - The Question Lyrics and Video (Ft. Lil Wayne)

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'The Question' Lyrics - Mac Miller (Ft. Lil Wayne)
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Here is The Question Lyrics by Mac Miller Ft. Lil Wayne @

[lil wayne]
sittin in my bentley
thinkin bout this h-es
all i do is kill em
i kill em like mick cole
sips of ... crimson
smoke em like ...
i just bought a new chopper
i treat it like an infant
i'm lightin up the ...
this longer than a ... situations gettin fishy
and i don't eat ...
f-ck the world kill em all, she answer when i call
if the cops pull us over she gon hotter than the draw
see i come from a place where stars never shine
and drama is accepted credit cards are declined
everybody got a job, but i ain't everybody
if that h-e play with me i would have ....
i'm on court i ain't lyin but that is not important
i'm just tryin to buy time, but can't really afford it
sayin ain't that a b-tch, but i hope that b-tches bad
i feel like money in a trash like

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Mac Miller - The Question

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