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Mistah FAB - Kony Freestyle Lyrics and Video



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'Kony Freestyle' Lyrics - Mistah FAB
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Here is Kony Freestyle Lyrics by Mistah FAB @

I know invisible children
I tell you about divisible children
I’m talking kids that die in my city
Rest in peace to how many 2-year olds
That get killed for violence in silence
But nobody could silence that
So while we worried about what’s going on
In other countries, let’s worry about where I live at
You know, in America, in Oakland
Where a little nigga’s 13, already smoking
Weed or coke, it don’t matter
Snow, gasoline, just to make their brain matter
And splatter, so while they’re worried about Kony
The world media playing us like Sony
You say this going on, shit been going on for years
Been happening in many countries in Africa kid!
From Uganda to Rwanda to the Congo
Sierra Leone and many other places that I go
From Algeria to Liberia to Morocco
To Egypt, to every other city where the blocks glow
Gaddafi did it, everyone do it, that’s what they do
It’s just what it is, Idi Amin, let’s take it too
I take you through some countries they don’t take you through
Young dudes renegades, rebellions is killing ooh
My man told me the first man he killed was at 7
Was up in the war man, it’s real
True story, namsayin? Ain’t nothing wrong with Kony
But let’s realize this media shit is phony
Invisible children put off living
Excuse me, I messed up.. they prey off sympathy
This shit is touching my heart
So I’ll let you hear me mess up
I’ll tell you this a freestyle, now let’s dress up
Let’s address the real facts, what they saying tho
Give me some money to help these kids while we praying tho
Thank God, it’s a blessing, I appreciate you
A hundred percent of your donations going to the Nation
OK, so why y’all still doing feed the children commercials
With flies all over their face?
Little dudes skinny but still fat
Cause their ribs sticking out
It’s nothing to eat, so imagine that
While this white man walking around with clothes
And he’s feeling good, holding these babies on his lap
Like it’s real hood!
Like they feel good
If you that hungry, if you that interested
Why don’t you give up your money?
You filming commercials
They’re out there, really in it hurt tho
This is what you talking about
So invisible children are money you making
Off donations at a non-profit organization
Help feed your organization
The salary you making is the money that you taking
While you saying that you giving people blessings
Blessing’s vacant! These little kids is crazy
These little people and these renegades and rebellions is raping
These girls is growing up with AIDS
Now they putting needles and blades
Inside their vigaginal
Or vaginal, however it go
You know, imagine it tho!
And this ain’t no imaginal flow
It’s real life, it’s what I’m telling you
So when these dudes rape em
They are cutting their dicks off, this shit is real
Serious talk! Y’all talking about what’s going on
Kony ain’t even in Uganda, he’s gone!
He not there, I just want the natural resources and oil
So you can kill him and then have a reason to coil
So people won’t say “Aww they killed that man!”
Propaganda blew up, the whole media expand
So it won’t be crazy when you manufacture this assassination
So when they kill this man
This nation, other nations won’t try to take a stand
And you can get away with it
Deploy, then employ new people from your land
Open up an American embassy and take over the whole land
Now more money is generated from oil
Now more kids are worried about the things that you coil
What you teaching, so the natural resources
That you trying to take away
You make away, hopefully one day
We can realize what they do to us
This money that we sending not us, they wanna Judas us
Christ, Buddhist us, Caesar, they don’t even know
When these people so fool, media
Twitter, Facebook, they don’t even know this nigga!
So now they tryna blow this nigga
But y’all gonna try to knock this man down
But I take a stand and talk about some real shit
You don’t wanna address
So you save your breath
So I’mma save my breath
Cause when you the only one saying some real shit
They call you fake, and try to kill shit
It’s problems and there’s more problems
Drama and more drama
Same way they killed Osama, same way they wanna do Obama
The same way they gonna do you and your mama

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Mistah FAB - Kony Freestyle

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