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YG - How To Make It In America Lyrics and Video (Ft. Mac Miller)

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'How To Make It In America' Lyrics - YG (Ft. Mac Miller)
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Here is How To Make It In America Lyrics by YG Ft. Mac Miller @

Okay my name YG and I came to play
f*ck then I bust a nut why ain’t perfect
yeah I’m a real nigga I aint’ got time to faith
to go..like a fam high would you mind ..
I’m on the grind to my mama f*ck un-identify
I keep mother f*ck bitch that’s my alibi
I’m laughing in your bitch p**sy ..
ha ha ha ha ha..
but anyway I’m getting paid
yeah I get it I’m live it
choose the game like the spider
in my house I got the killer
big big daddy and your bitch know
we outside smoking air
and my mama being hoe, and my mama being..
I’ma be keep young nigga and my mama friends no
looking for a bottle what’s a rock in this ..
when this aint’ f*cking don’t
I would ..

Real nigga, real nigga I ain’t never lie
chain hoes like channels got this bitches ..
see that puff puff ..nigga how to ..
and I’ll just show you how to make it in America
how you ride, how you ride on the 24 bitches
hotel room we to the 24 bitches
yes that’s how I’m living and I’ll never change the price

on the thousand on the brief case like I wanna swip stakes
party would a risk party with a cheese place
I really hate ..would you see grade
right under the world on my shoulder right on the ..
give me EW pills turn them ..still
I got them ..for you and they..
got expensive clothes and sense of ..
designer brand that is never oh
a second phone and I’m never on
beating flame your ..and arrest your road
and that’s p**sy and for money
it’s Mac Miller watch for a hundred
so hit me up with that dust to split
you mad the little white f*ck you bitch
sorry next time you’d better cuff that shit
’cause she ain’t never gonna get enough for this


Okay I’m running to the city to the top down
the first day of summer nigga top down
I got a bunch of flow nigga punch down
’cause save the white room but nigga white pound
I hit the block and a young nigga don’t just get your bitch
..your blond on my own what the f*ck is going on
that the really ..she only look good in my ripper
I meet the bitch see the bitch f*ck the ..and I leave the bitch
f*ck em with the lights on and she aint even seen it
and if she look bad you know I’ma hit the bitch
she look bad you know I’ma hit the bitch
now she all like a nigga like ..
I’m on mark I’ma dough I’ma tripper that
risk go all but my ..go stupid and..
I’m the shit bitch show you nigga stupid
but I heavenly ..can you protect me from ..


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YG - How To Make It In America

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