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Azad Right - Intuition Lyrics and Video



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'Intuition' Lyrics - Azad Right
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Here is Intuition Lyrics by Azad Right @

You Got No Heart, No Soul, Hell Nah I Don’t Call That Hoe
I Might Say We Good, But Truthfully, We Don’t Talk No More
You Got A Fucked Up Mind, Don’t Try To Fuck Up Mine
I Had To Leave, I Was Mad Naïve, To Go Trust Your Lies

The Same Guy Who Encouraged Me To Hit You Up
Is The Same Guy That You Fucked,
Man I Can’t Believe My Luck
Once Again, I Can’t Go Blame You Though,
You Know I Ain’t No Hater
But I Wish You’d See My Latest Hoe,
Cause That Bitch Got Some Flavor
Uh, I Let You In, But I’ll Be Damned If That Shit Happens Again
And Don’t Get It Fucked Up, I’ll Still
Be Happy For You If You Happen To Win
Just Don’t Come Around Me Girl,
I Know You Tryin’ To Drown Me Girl
But I’m Already Lost In The Twat,
Do You Not See The Flock That Surrounds Me Girl? God Damn
It’s Only Been A Week But I’m On It,
Out All Night I’ll Sleep In The Mornin’
Lookin’ For A Girl That’ll Creep On The Low,
Go Deep On The Hoe, And I’ll Leave When She Yawnin’
Cause I Learned My Lesson, Hit One Time Then I’m Out That Bitch
Young And Reckless Kid,
Yeah I’m ’bout That Shit
Back On My Poker, Better Count Those Chips
You Prolly Thought I’d Burn Without You
All That Fake Ass Confidence
But You Get Around, I Heard About You
That’s Why I Dipped, It’s Common Sense
Say One Thing But You’d Do Another
There’s Only So Much You Can Cover
Up, So I Don’t Even Trust You No More
I Knew, I Shoulda Used A Rubber
But It’s My Fault
I Take The Blame
It’s My Loss
Don’t Change Your Ways
Just Do You Girl…

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Azad Right - Intuition

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