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CyHi Da Prynce - The Open Letter Lyrics and Video



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'The Open Letter' Lyrics - CyHi Da Prynce
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Here is The Open Letter Lyrics by CyHi Da Prynce @

i’m back, my name should be spinal
never passed the final,
but they wonder how i sound so educated on these finals
i, got my diploma from the corner
where inditors come sooner than oklahoma

importing marijuana, i used to get my weed from portland
that’s why my life’s the same, organ donor
i’m not a robbing ass nigga with poor persona
and for all the dead niggas we pour coronas

and light blunts, for my niggas who got arrested
i ain’t talking yoga when i say they doing stretches
putting money on they books just so they won’t feel neglected
i do this for the people, my message is majestic

royalty like residuals, prince of the south
my favorite artist was mystical
i wrote poetry so rapping wasn’t that difficult
you heard i’m from atlanta but i wasn’t a typical
cause half of these niggas scared to be individuals
i give you respect and i expect to get the reciprocal

haters i see you through my peripheral view
it’s despicable, the way you judge me like we’re recipal
cause i got my checks up, i went and got physical, miserable
now you niggas sour like some bettlejuice
when i actual was the deal, you say everything is closure
boy you’re flush, i think everything is poker

cause i’m all about the money, i can’t play with your jokers
a child of god i did more preying that vultures
my folks said that’s off i had the haters for the smokers
45 on the table, the k was in the sofa, huh

and a couple throw aways, grind like the streets skater also roller blades
but let me take you back to side, hop and follow
smartest nigga in the class with the lowest grades
yeah, broke folks supposed to hate, cause i’m getting capital
and you niggas lower case
i motivate for those who sell o’s
and never told when approached by popos

my cold flows controls the whole globe
no jerry curl but nigga my soul glows
your favorite rapper went out of style, well rose though
can’t be madshit on my dick, your hoe chose like.

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CyHi Da Prynce - The Open Letter

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