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Soulja Boy - NuReligion Lyrics and Video

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'NuReligion' Lyrics - Soulja Boy
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Here is Lyrics by Soulja Boy @

Aye, Aye Yeah Aye Yeah Aye Yeah

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Aye Bruh I Swear To God (Swear To God)
I Be With My Set We Be Swagging (We Be Swagging)
Pull Up In That Motherfucking Dragon (That Dragon)
The M McClaren Got Yo Main Bitch Staring And I Came Through That Shit Hell You Sure Know I'm Getting It (Yeah)
Young Dre I Came Through I Smoke On That Loud You Smoke Midget
Bitch I Be Gettin' It You Don't Get It
Everyday I Pull Up It's Looking Like A Million
I'm Something Like A Mil-ticket
You Know I Got That, That AK I POP THAT
THAT Top, I DROP THAT (I Drop That)
Niggas See Me In The Hood Like God Damn He Got That (He Got That)
Word Around Town, Soulja Boy Done Flipped Up
Word Around Town I Done Blowed (up) And Put A Clip Up
Young Dre My Name But You Can Call Me Soulja In That Fast Lane
I'm Screaming Out BLAST GANG
We Gon' Tear It Up, (Tear It Up) Yeah We Gon' Tear It Up
I'm Like Bang With That Pistol, Nigga What's The Issue
Nigga We Can't Miss You (Yeah)
Young Soulja Tell 'Em In That Tee Top So Yellow
And I Came Like Camaro And I Swear I Be Hello
I'm Like Damn Ho, You Gonna Need Some More Ammo
I'm Like Damn Ho, You Gonna Need Some More Ammo
I'm Rambo, I'm On The Track And You In Shambles
Young Soulja Boy Make This Shit Look Easy
A-K-A S.Beezy, In My Bentley So Freezy

I'm Like FUCK IT
That Thang I'mma BUST IT, That Thang I'mma BUST IT
I'm Like Fuck It
That Thang I'mma BUST IT, That Thang I'mma BUST IT
Yeah I'mma Bust It I Got Some Niggas With Me
Riding Through The City, Riding With The Stinky
Nigga Got The Semi, So Nigga Don't Tempt Me
Yeah I'mma Bust That Motherfucker Till It's Empty

[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
You Knowing What It Is, You Knowing What It Ain't (What It Ain't)
Pull Up To The Club And My Shit, Flip Paint
Everybody Know That My Niggas GETTING PAID
Drop Top Everybody Screaming Out "SOULJA MANE"
God Damn I Done Blowed Up (Blowed Up)
AK-47 That's The Show When He Showed Up (When He Showed Up)
And Yeah We Gonna Tear It Up (Tear It Up)
Like I Said All My Motherfucking Niggas Will BURY YA (BANG)
I'mma Pop Up (Pop Up)
AK Got The Glock Up, That Shit Will Make You Lock Up (Make You Lock Up)
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, God Damn I Be The Shotta (Be The Shotta)
Hanging With My Niggas We Some Mobsters
You Don't Want These Problems (These Problems)
Nah You Don't Wan't These Goblins (These Goblins)
Everybody With Me They Be Mobbing (They Be Mobbing)
Niggas In The City Got That AK And Semi
I'm Smoked Out, Tattoos On My Body Nigga Get With Me

I'mma Bust It, I'mma Bust It
Nigga I'mma Bust It, Bust It
Nigga I'mma BUST IT, Screaming Out "FUCK IT"
Screaming Out "FUCK IT", Screaming Our "FUCK IT"
Got Some Niggas With Me, We Mobbing Through The City
I'm Gripping On That Semi, Bust It Till It's Empty (Yeah)
Bust It, BUST IT

[Verse 3: Soulja Boy]
Nigga What The Fuck You Dranking, What The Fuck You Smoking (Smoking)
Pull Up, OG Kush And That Shit Rolling (Rolling)
Everybody Already Know (Ready Know)
Iced Out Young Nigga Came To Steal The Show (Steal The Show)
I'm With Yo Main Ho, You Main Bitch
You Niggas On That Lame Shit, That Same Shit
Nigga I'm A Savge, My Main Ho A Bad Bitch (A Bad Bitch)
You Talking Shit But You Can't Have It
Million Dollars That's On That Shit, Her Ass Yeah I Grab It
Her Titties, I Grip It
Riding Through The City With That AK-47, JUST TO BE SPECIFIC
Lil' Dre A-K-A Soulja
Pull Up In That Black, 25's On The Rover
How The Fuck You Put That On A Car, I'm A Star
25 Million I Go Far

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Soulja Boy - NuReligion

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