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Wale - Oliver Twist (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'Oliver Twist (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Wale
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Here is Oliver Twist (Freestyle) Lyrics by Wale @

Twist are we good, are we good?
All the niggers in the back of your hood!
…never sat with a good ass ..and a nigger might love that!
Yeah! Bring the right flow!
MOG … nigger like a life show
That weed on me, the tobacco
And them hating ass niggers, we ain’t like those,
no, no, we are not those
And I drop top off…
..but I got hoes, so fly, we are saying, we ain’t got those.
We’re exclusive… they never do shit
And I’ll be talking about…
I got the whole damn world on…
…so we’re good, and we’re good
…the niggers in the back, we are…
Stand by, never sat with a good ass
Nigger go back, and a nigger might do that
Fuck that… get the money, when I ride, the whole town gets sunny..
Niggers hate us, we’re famous, so I never blame them
I’m just saying they’re mad cause I don’t make much…
Break it up…
..she never been to South East
..thirty minutes to the…
We ain’t speaking so much shit as…
Work, work, work, work!

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Wale - Oliver Twist (Freestyle)

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