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Meek Mill - The Ride Lyrics and Video



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'The Ride' Lyrics - Meek Mill
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Here is The Ride Lyrics by Meek Mill @

see when i do joints like this
i do it for the youngin in the ghetto
that …won’t ever hear the story
cause he ain’t gonna make it to tell you
see you know what’s crazy
i went to court the other day, how the da say she hates me
how you gonna hate me when me and lou just took 30 racks
and put coats on them kids back
it’s 30 degrees outside
24, how could i ask for more?
i got my dealers getting real, i’m making cash of
stunting every chance i get because i help the poor
but every time i go to sleep i hear the…at my door
and i’m on them papers so them courts i’m going back and forth
dealing with probation man they all said i’ll be back for sure
mind is … you wonder why them babies running crazy
steady clapping off, getting life before they get pussy…
locked in cages, having fighting over cookies
… i’m happy them days ain’t never kill me
yeah i remember, it was a hot december
niggas dying … winter, cause them kids need them toys
well santa clause don’t see them boys, don’t see them girls around here
there’s jack boys downstairs, no man with the big bag
just a man with a big gap tryna take your shit back
cause he feel the world owe him
and his daughter want a barbie buy for christmas
even show her, that his love is there, no mother there
just her little brother there…and use the drugs…
we get high to get buy, hot dogs more…
with tears drift from red eyes
where ends don’t mean the deadline
the d.a. said she hate me but i just don’t understand
when i just rock the show in front of 50 000 fans
i think that gets racist, she prolly in the class
she take her pain out on me, but she prolly need a man
i took my mind from…we came a long way from welfare and …
cause i’m balling, yeah, i’m balling
it’s like sometimes i always gotta let these …joints…in the streets
… last night we just came out giving 200-300 pair shoes to the schools
to the boys and girls basketball teams
how you hate me?
you hate me cause i’m doing what i’m supposed to do
and i got that money and i’m making more money than you
well bitch you can hate me for that
let’s get it.

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Meek Mill - The Ride

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