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Chinx Drugz - I'm A Cokeboy Lyrics and Video (Ft. French Montana)

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I'm A Cokeboy' Lyrics - Chinx Drugz (Ft. French Montana)
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Here is I'm A Cokeboy Lyrics by Chinx Drugz Ft. French Montana @

could’ve been a pally, could’ve been a doctor
could’ve been a pimp, could’ve been a monster
could’ve been in that, could’ve been a dope boy,
homie matter of fact, i’m a mother f*ckin cokeboy
wiggle in bed, i’m a motherf*ckin cokeboy
wiggle in bed, i’m a motherf*ckin cokeboy
wiggle in bed, i’m a motherf*ckin cokeboy
wiggle in bed, i’m a motherf*ckin cokeboy

rallies on the road, prez? is never fall
mommy you ain’t gotta take the fault to hit the pow
just bounce it up and down
spread it all around
hit the homies off pass it all around
i’m talking bout the money i’m talking bout them imp
i’m talking bout that roly, 67 pins
few homies with me couple in the penz
shawty said i’m faw she heard i hit her friends
rock sing it day pop started full of dope spot

made my first couple hundred whipping on the slow top (that’s right)
me and french on that new ghost fan em
coffee when i’m not but i could’ve been a, could’ve been a pally


any given time benz in your grill
ten toes down both hands on the field
probably on the molly
probably i’m sincere
they know i’m puttin on from the pitches hold cheer
city on my back lanes in the wind
coop like a shot know you lane see the fear
treat up show these hoes won’t swim
my beats will be the be the bed
my wrist be the babe
your fish getting here
knocked out the two sots skate the whole crew wild
shine on game like your hair when the roof drop
a bomb in and you still a bomb out
always been a crown but you could’ve been a


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Chinx Drugz - I

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