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Consequence - Something Light Lyrics and Video (Ft. Pooch Hall)

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'Something Light' Lyrics - Consequence (Ft. Pooch Hall)
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Here is Something Light Lyrics by Consequence Ft. Pooch Hall @

Let that rock

Oh is the Kung Fu

Warmin if they wanna help..
investment if they rub themselves, back pole up
a lot of dudes are kind of cold but I don’t polla
and drive more..the white so good
looking back up when your life sober
I had so many knock out damn it the fight’s over
I strike like a..would correct the needs
matter of fact I just let my next check speak
he so fresh on my..
always I do that fat thing all day
the homie could have low all night
nothing major something light

Uh I don’t know what all doing
but I know what we y’all doing
tryin get something better spend the night
but so heavy in the game that is something light
hey I don’t know what y’all doing
but I know what we gonna doing
..new stand that got me wide yeah
drop a couple bags yeah it’s something light

Start it on the game, now it ain’t the game
actually it is far roll out the game hey
I rose the fame of a black start power
now that you got kid the black card power
I spend hours at cash and calls
now I..let’s that cash involved
I know they thought it wouldn’t last it all
but now the world knows my name is..
yeah and after they witness the truth
baby ready to ..up like they’re living with..
me and while I’m in the coop with the homie call got it
..die when she got a cold body
..so when you see us in the lobby
yeah you know we did somethin’ right, right right
we made it to the top but it’s something light


My birthday cakes..budget to wale
to my first play mate who was sexy as hell
she she like it when I pick up the..
but instead of progress to request you now
and now will be the..to make a coffee close
but she still found the way for em to make a call
I can’t dead her maybe she is zombie
so we y’all reward and I’m sending your..
cover y’all I want agree on help care
gone to the sickers say hell yeah yeah
what you hell hear just to get the bell ear
now the belt that I wing like rogers and no bags
but I got the flow that..we’ve been slicking and probably gone back
and then it happens every time we touch the mike
yeah we do it major what a something light


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Consequence - Something Light

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