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Lola Monroe - Goldie (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'Goldie (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Lola Monroe
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Here is Goldie (Freestyle) Lyrics by Lola Monroe @

You must be, ’cause the bitch i’m on the source
Muthaf-cker we got this district on resource
I happy bangy don’ it on a porche,
Bangs with the gang, get your black pop ?
Bitches swallow, get low ?
Put statistics like ?
I’m just as sickest as bitches.
Hola, hola
Believe i’m pola, flow’a show’a
? But i’ll ask them ’bout my slam
I got hit jacks hot bitches
Tryna copy my frame,
She know, we know tryna fuck around
Go deep, ? Getting smokey in your ego
But i get shots in my free ?
? Easy for me
Bitches go in my swag ?

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Lola Monroe - Goldie (Freestyle)

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