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Machine Gun Kelly - Highline Ballroom Soundcheck (Freestyle) Lyrics and Video



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'Highline Ballroom Soundcheck (Freestyle)' Lyrics - Machine Gun Kelly
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Here is Highline Ballroom Soundcheck (Freestyle) Lyrics by Machine Gun Kelly @

First stop my name
f*ck that check the playlist
bitch I’m tryin to blow like the out cater
but why I wanna be famous
so I can pay the protection and pretend to be gangsta
these rappers is talk talking about gang bangin
I’m 6 3 I P make em yellow like cold playing
6 D up in the randel..from A this bad bitch
give me brain that explains them honest behavior
but f*ck I’ma never find em like a hater
this rap shit is rat I’m going back
to get paid under the table this industry turns me off
like I forgot to pay my table
but the males on these labels tryin to stick it in my anal
so I f*ck these girls but they real ready
say mother f*cker world ’cause it’s near randy uh
and if you scared go to church
other the natural get the shark with my name on it
get your P’s ..
and ..bout my face huh, yeah
and makes you think up what you ain’t, huh?
so shimmy shimmy shimmy on
shimmy yey get your oh dirty ass
out the way, hold up

Cows cows it’s double exhale
we got some wonderful news
and I just want you to tell
now I know you when our freshment
is you don’t seat well
so we say f*ck everyone else can you comfort to yourself

I ain’t fallin but I am at the free though
then they go to college
but I know this bringo is copy more than a f*ckin kick hoes
be hoe, mis amigos are cutchin into burritos
and see you to the.. your career is over bonito
yeah bitch yeah bitch call me Steve

I want my jack ass I’ll back him
my country is pradadito
I don’t take part of politics
while I’m from coledito
I’d rather f*ck me your bitch and ex man like magnito
call me an asshole but we practical
cut the..binocular could turn up in spectacular to a massacre
Michael from damage at meet west assassin
I clean with Canada label to be..like bananas
my..are full of place I make my lungs back in genien
highest in the galactic planets
I think I work for NASA
my truck is classic body marked up like my managers
Canada stands a fanatical
still I’m slept on like these..
can you see me?
somebody get binoculars,
I’m on top of the..slapping two ain’t I’m an activist
living up to the standards I got stuck with that rapper
I have em ’cause I…ambassador

hot pocks in the..
can’t sag and getting heavy ..
bitch I’ll be that skinny mother f*cker
clippers when I’m rapping day
I already know the answer
ain’t no mother f*cker question is
cows, yeah

I got more buzzin to jail
I got more hit in the sun to sale
you with the doubles I remember the hell
you and em together will manage the way I use it..for myself
but if any of you got a..then let me..and I will tell you
f*ck the world don’t ask me for shake
and you winners and bitches can s*ck my dick
I said all you winners and bitches can suck my dick

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Machine Gun Kelly - Highline Ballroom Soundcheck (Freestyle)

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