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Starshell - SuperLuva (Good Music Remix) Lyrics and Video (Ft. Kanye West & Big Sean)

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'SuperLuva (Good Music Remix)' Lyrics - Starshell (Ft. Kanye West & Big Sean)
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Here is SuperLuva (Good Music Remix) Lyrics by Starshell Ft. Kanye West & Big Sean @

Let me see what the f*ck you bad
Hey lady, I’m tryin take that down
Hey lady, ..i’m tryin take that down
Want money like g, clothes like yey
Chick like see em mass the deal
I’m just tryin feel looking ass real
You from Brasil, south side my nigga
Get the throne now, money high and my pocket so strong
I had a lot of bullshit that tune now
Is me and dude now what you’re gonna do now
‘cause if you mess with the ..and do the distance
I ain’t .. a play but you look delicious
And ill ..fishes killing the distance
I’m so sincere ..

..and is kind of blues
With my tattoos with I love you
I just grew on this dancing shoes
To prove my love to you
I’m livin it up
Secretly he knows I’m play it up
The heal .. I’m livin it up
Dancers on the table as the dj spin it up for me
Spin it up for me, for me

I do it do it, do it do it
Boy boy boy
..show me a.. girl
Say why you call me big girl
I know you’re tryin be my baby
But that mean I got a ..
Why would you, why would you rubble
I’m stack in my paper my wallet look like a bible
I got grils and make that shit is like a ..
I’m wasting the …
Hey do that shit is not for real
Do it like a ..magic baby
Say you gotta ..
Gonna touch your toes these ..
Don’t stop it he going going let my rolly
I might f*ck around to politic on it
F*ck that I’ma put it on it like wow

Back to the feet get upon your feet
Wanna be a superluva
Right back to the beat get upon your feet
I’ma be your superluva

Oh oh
Wanna be your superluva
Oh oh oh
Got a ..in here here
Hey ladies, hey ladies
Got em all the same

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Starshell - SuperLuva (Good Music Remix)

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