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Apster - I Need More Lyrics and Video (Ft. Eva Simons)

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'I Need More' Lyrics - Apster (Ft. Eva Simons)
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Here is I Need More Lyrics by Apster Ft. Eva Simons @

I come alive to the touch of your hand
running through my head
now its lost in time sensations felt
love’s a heart herself

And if you try you could get my heart
beating love, beating..
and if you kiss what be honest not just when you want this
not just when you want it, no
now I know we could go, go, go
if the lights ain’t just go, go, go

but I need more
I need more
I I need more
I need more
I need more

They’ve been giving me
they’ve been give into me baby
I need more
I I need more more more


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Apster - I Need More

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