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DJ Kay Slay - Victorious Lyrics and Video (Ft. Jon Connor, Papoose & Mysonne)

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'Victorious' Lyrics - DJ Kay Slay (Ft. Jon Connor, Papoose & Mysonne)
Here is Victorious Lyrics by DJ Kay Slay Ft. Jon Connor, Papoose & Mysonne

Who wanna test my test to cause
who is next to go
that’s the size of vegetables
give a text to the best and the globe
you would need extra o’s
that’s this close this gone to a gun fight
with your ..in your chest expose
lyrically niggas rap this like I hit so hard and your chest explode
oh, I’m the shit nigga mess that close
smell me like you got extra nose, extra genuine, extra hoe
getting in the back where the extras goes
can’t get ass when the text is flow
fuck you fake fuckers that’s where the..foe
you’re fucking with me I’m guessing..
Look I got hottest shit you’re the opposite
well I’ma spit it where I’ma spit
awful dramas when you’re in drama fight for consciousness
diamond yeah that’s what I’ve been promisin
so I won’t stop until I accomplish it
best in the world I like this sound of it
ain’t nobody better I bet it I put my mama on it
I’m a mother fucker I want it I make you mama on it
slay the drama you king so you niggas fuckin with royalty
and bluff a blow destroy anyone who got told a toy with me

I’m a cycle pan I want you the mike so fast
my angle is dangerous as a motorcycle..
you write your trash and they support you despite your trash
you’re shitting on your own people or white your ass
you left out loud but man fuck your vibal
you rappers study my verses like vibal class
bunch of crabs in the barrel I don’t like no crabs
I run upon you wearing the Michael Myers man
why would I put a nail in your..
that’s the silly way you already dead
you can’t get out the..anyway
beat you like margarita when he was bout to ..
stay with your verse like the holla the mogo
I’m the underground….
eat you like a rap snapper check..just master
best rapper..just after skip master..

I make em foe like..
the flow I can toll to the break..
I’m so roll who is really rest son
not too many in my class I’m like special..
they provoking me vocally flowing locally
no cope for me rebounding when makes for you and..
she spoke told me told me hopefully
that I bring real haters wanna see me in the pen
so I ain’t the deal
who’s playing with the kid I send dusky with the pen
I’m just playing what you can
ask lay if you don’t pay then I’m breaking your charge
you forgot but your memory bank on the floor
best overall..making my rain Dwain James and ..
yeah that ball Frederico can’t ignore
floating nail in the coffee no man..

I’m the ghetto Shakespeare DeNiro when can’t fear
DeNiro chaser I can taste when cakes near
I stay clear to fake ’cause they clear
lane niggas getting their places stay there
and they cheer I’m the underdog
’cause I’m the one with the guns so
yeah I’m the gun it..
none of you fucking with me
can’t do nothing with me
no I’ma doubt but some of you cut with me
all the board last train lost the fast lane
nigga you a dead man, walking is your last name
had bad bitches came faster than the cash game
them bitches gone I’m just glad that you cash me
half way to the top clap way to the..
half of you niggas on my path would have stopped
niggas would have cope please no way and not me
that’s why the true cheese got me and it cut three

These bullets gonna ricochet fuckin with my nigga slame
dot to a multin grade cowards I’ma make her pay
hand on the stand wheel..the son and have the deal
Rose poppin bout to pop another pill
you already know I’m hood I ain’t got purple trade
now I’m new fade away down he’s got his money straight
I just wanna fuck her mouth you can take her on the day
wait this one weather better get the gun
you think is..cook out and having fun
he think in black ..and clapping son
no chain I guarantee I’m coming back and one
hit the block and move it on till my pack is done

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DJ Kay Slay - Victorious

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