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Honey Cocaine - Making Me High Lyrics and Video



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'Making Me High' Lyrics - Honey Cocaine
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Here is Making Me High Lyrics by Honey Cocaine @

Honey Cocaine bitch, young goddess
this a night gold baby

I can’t promise I’ma treat you right
but let me show you what I got for you to eat tonight, huh
fuck fuck tryin to sleep tonight
spend time now money it’s a cheaper price
still too dough my car expensive
and the house not to mention
so let me ask you this question
did I get your attention ’cause

I I, I get so hot x 8

I’ma, I’ma try not to treat you wrong
but other pretty guy love me and they love my songs
maybe it’s a chooser to blond
and just the damage I’ll be going the songs I don’t know
still that shit ain’t relevant
you need to dream and I’m selling it
so while I’m throwin you must sally
just bring your fine ass who might tell the years is ’cause you

I I, I get so hot x 8

I told you I was in your girl though
so why you’re letting all the world know
but it’s the night the sell share go
wearing some Chanel and our fur call
tasting if you’re coming
and I wish it says smoke a little scream a fuck the cops
should I listen not heaven a lot
so I let the mother guys like I love the block with you

I I I get so hot
I I I get so hot
I I I get so hot
I I I get so hot
shit, shit

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Honey Cocaine - Making Me High

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