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Jazz Lazer - Eat Lyrics and Video (Ft. YG)

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'Eat' Lyrics - Jazz Lazer (Ft. YG)
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Here is Eat Lyrics by Jazz Lazer Ft. YG @

Oh pull up no top
I’ma hustle like I’m raised in the dough spot
that your girlfriend tryin to get me the old spot
you can have it I just wanna it for the show shot
had a leg from my neck like a ball top
even though I have the screaming like oh my
had the evening givin praises to the most hot
for the first couple days she was so shock
that she wanna pop the pussy why the pop a molly in the mouth
the club pack so we bout to party to the house
take her to the room let me see what you’re about
take it in need it out put this dick in your mouth
she a slut, she a doll she free kind of different nigga
anyway big booty, sister that’s a freak
no want us to the all but they ask it

Ass so fat I eat it from the back
and I push it so tight and I eat it all night
girl I pussy it so sweet you gonna miss em my sheets
mother fucker I’m show you I’m a freak
you gonna let it when I eat eat eat eat eat eat eat
eat eat eat eat eat eat eat you out
eat eat eat eat eat eat eat
eat eat eat eat eat eat eat you out

Pull up gun shot, left foot is bitch nigga don’t hide
she ask em for fuck em all fuck nine
and molly my crib is a fuckin spot
did long highways pussy but I..I eat it all day
and yeah I got several than add up,
and girl I got a grind errors
you know this nigga came when they see me in the bank
my bitch only get dick she ain’t never get it ring
I’ma make it hard for you niggas when I hit the scene
at the bar take my girls and use to get it ring
hey hey is she gonna get a pussy
haters when I give it for a pussy..
hey she wanna fuck me all day, okay
she a white girl I bead it up all day

In the kitchen on a mission
I do you girl like I do my dishes
yeah on the can of the table
start to sneak girl like cable
and you know I got them killers on the pay roll
down and do whatever I say so
real tell me how you do that dear
I live and you gonna make a nigga move back here
I’ve been the proof lane
how a nigga looking for us to change
you and mother fucking G strange
I fell in love with a stripper like T pain
I’m rounding round and I give it like two change
I rock A change the shower great thing
I dog you out don’t make a nigga call you out
mother fucking I’ma stal you out


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Jazz Lazer - Eat

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