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Pries - Voodoo Lyrics and Video



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'Voodoo' Lyrics - Pries
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Here is Voodoo Lyrics by Pries @

Voodoo voodoo voodoo

This bitches on my dick huh
so much gipsy back huh
got em take in terms huh
I understand why dudes don’t feel us
middle finger you feel us
that is why I’m killer
half of all is off this week
have versions of me splinter

Looking for we..
from sipping no more dick all
getting bottle service
what’s the eye they getting us
money drugs and..that’s all that they spittin
it’s hard to stay humble when you are here virgin chillin
feel me that’s my business
you love me oh you silly
probably see me winnin
I’m dead bro to spend it
G’s from the government
and I caught that feel for living
and they say I ain’t hot
burning up that kitchen

I got so many signs on my wrist callin voodoo
too much money on my mind I got what they do
got me in my faints of your dreams they will heart you
you can call me drinking calling magic
I just want it voodoo voodoo voodoo voodoo
voodoo voodoo voodoo voodoo
I just call it voodoo voodoo voodoo voodoo
voodoo voodoo I just call it voodoo

Wonder to your past up
caught that shit that bet you
I played it to them wrong I play too hard
and I get blessed bro
don’t do me no favors
this head down when I save us
unless you’re talking paper
I cannot be your savior
Jehovah on my hova
so high like I’m on Oprah
keep em on the knees while I’m screaming hallelujah
cocky for the P coe, caught that shit my neyo
swimming to this money so that fast I call that speed though
see I banded that, see I’ve been on rap
thought that shit hat sweet shirt
go ahead and smoke them fax
I said smoke and fax
watch this stacks all upon my bro shit
with Kanye yeah

[3 x Hook:]

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Pries - Voodoo

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