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Rick Ross - Pirates Lyrics and Video



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'Pirates' Lyrics - Rick Ross
Here is Pirates Lyrics by Rick Ross

I guess there ain’t no nice way to tell you niggas it’s over, huh
Pray for me

[Verse 1]
Hallucination of money, why niggas stomach just rumble
Had to fuck with the Haitians and break a kilo to crumbles
Nigga livin’ in rubble with denim label the rebel
Any nigga want rumble somebody hand me a shovel
Gotta silence the lambs, get on my buffalo bill
Steppin’ off ??? went the black duffle bag fill
Got a cute bitch with me, ? come on, for real
Got Meek Mill on the celly, that nigga workin’ for mil
I multiply when I manage, I manage to multiply
Witness real niggas ?, and watch you fuck niggas drive
Witness bitch niggas ???, just got twenty-five
At this point in my life, I’m just tryin’ to survive
Homicide stay on my mind, Christopher Wallace of my time
R.I.P. to the legend, 2Pac Shakur with a nine
Makaveli returns, it’s God forgives, and I don’t
Resurrection of the real, time to get the ? in the trunk
I’m rolling the dice, four, five, six
Young nigga, 19, four, five, bricks
Prayin’ on you niggas, sin is full of hate
God forgives and I don’t, only hustles relate

Tryin’ to keep my head above water, nigga
We pirates out here, nigga, just tryin’ to stay afloat
I ride for my niggas

[Verse 2]
Fascination with fortune, ??? mansion in porsches

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Rick Ross - Pirates

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