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Tame Impala - Elephant Lyrics and Video



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'Elephant' Lyrics - Tame Impala
Here is Elephant Lyrics by Tame Impala

i bet he feels like an elephant
shaking his big grey trunk for the hell of it
you know, that you’re dreaming of about being him
too bad your chances are slim

and it’s not like mr shock to get shallow
and the eskimo is on call
come on, get shot deep down in the …
we’ve got to get …

he’s got friends but you get the feeling
that they wouldn’t care too much if he’d just disappear

here come
he pulled the mirrors off his cadillac
because he doesn’t like it looking like he looks back
he don’ like it, the big guns, relax

somebody grabed his collar
he cried the whole way home
that’s how it is till the end, yeah

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Tame Impala - Elephant

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